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Most of the networks we see nowadays have grown from small to larger structures. You might remember the days when there was only one computer in the office, and you had to push diskettes into a floppy drive waiting what would happen next. Even in these days it was necessary to file the diskettes properly.

With the fast-growing number of IT systems it is even more important to have a proper documentation. In a worst case scenario it is rather counterproductive to start searching for admin passwords or ask yourself: "Where exactly is this cable going ... ?"


We implement confluence for documentation purposes. Confluence offers a collaboration platform to start documenting a project in the very early planning phases. By the time a project has successfully completed, we can hand you a complete documentation of you IT systems.





 Your Advantages


  • Permanent and complete documentation of all relevant elements
  • Documentation of labor times and project status
  • Optional helpdesk module 
  • Support of all common file formats
  • Multiple export functions including printed versions