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is our second name.


from our expertise !

We have

Solutions for your IT demands

Founded in 1996, we offer you professional IT services and solutions. Our skilled technicians are standing by your side to master the small and the big challenges in every day IT. Your IT is in their good hands, be it in our 150 sqm workshop or in your property. Close cooperation, fast responses and a high service level guarantee for a professional result.

  • Planning, installation and maintenance of your network
  • Configuration and production of individual servers or workstations
  • IT support on site or via remote assistance
  • IT consulting
  • IT hardware at competitive prices in our store or in our online shop


What can we do for you ?

We are the IT professionals - challenge us !


Our sophisticated monitoring systems keep an eye on the health of your IT.

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We analyze and optimise your IT to allow for an efficient workflow.

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We document your IT inventory to provide you with all relevant information.

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